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2016 T-Shirt Design

quote Celebrating 10 Years of Total Dobro Overload quote

Check out the 2016 design, below. The shirt will be dark gray/charcoal if our supplier can provide that color in organic cotton; if not, it will be navy blue.

Price: $20
(tax included)

To make sure we will have one in your preferred size, pre-order here. Pick up your shirt and pay for it at registration, or at the merch table (open daily in the Fondren lobby - hours posted and on the Summit schedule).

If you prefer a non-year-specific t-shirt, we'll also have some of those for sale in most sizes XL and smaller - see image below.


The 2016 Shirt

ResoSummit Scenes

Black T-Shirt, No Year

T-Shirt - no year

Available in most sizes XL and smaller; no pre-orders for this shirt.




Rob Ickes

Paul Beard

Greg Booth

Billy Cardine

Cindy Cashdollar

Andy Hall

Orville Johnson

Randy Kohrs

Stacy Phillips

Ivan Rosenberg

Tim Scheerhorn

Fred Travers

Roger Williams

Mike Witcher


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