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First Call for ResoSummit
November 9- 12, 2017

Update (5/10/17, 3:00pm CDT):
First Call is now over - we opened registration on May 9 and sold out in well under an hour. If you submitted a registration survey before 10am on May 10, you should have received either a confirmation or a wait-list notice by now. We will finish sending out wait-list notices as quickly as possible.

The registration survey is now closed. Please use the wait-list survey to sign up for ResoSummit's wait-list.

Total Dobro Overload by Design!

ResoSummit is: 3 days of workshops by a diverse, stellar faculty; 3 evening performances at the Station Inn plus a closing faculty performance; after-hours jams; luthier consultations; and more.
Our goal: To send you home with enough homework, ideas, and especially inspiration to make this a highly creative and productive time in your musical life.



ResoSummit 2017 registration opens May 9 by a "First Call" email sent exclusively to those on the ResoSummit email list. We expect to sell out very quickly (within an hour). It takes us up to a full day to process registrations and either confirm your spot, or let you know that you are on the wait list. Thanks for your patience while we complete this task!

Key Information For Participants

ResoSummit 2017 Registration Fee
The 2017 registration fee is $475. It includes all 10 workshop sessions, the two "optional activities hour" sessions, nightly after-hours jamming, three Station Inn performances, and the closing faculty performance. It does not include on-site housing or on-site meals, both of which are optional. Please review our Cancellation and Refund policy before registering and paying your deposit. Please note that the earliest cancellation fee is now $50.


Once you submit your registration survey, if we can confirm a space for you, we will send you a link to a payment page with information on how to pay your deposit. The deposit is $150 for registration, plus $100 if you want to reserve an on-site room. You must pay your deposit upon receipt of our email in order to confirm your registration. If you prefer, you can pay your fees in full now. Deposits can be paid by check, or by credit card with a 3% fee (waived for international participants).

The balance of your registration and on-site housing fees are due on or before August 9, and we will send you a reminder beforehand.

Our Venues
Our workshops, on-site lodging and meals, after-hours jams, and closing faculty performance take place at Scarritt Bennett Center, 1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212. Scarritt Bennett offers free parking in two lots accessed from 18th Ave. South, available to all participants.

Our evening performances take place at The Station Inn, 402 12th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37203. We organize carpools and the "Dwight shuttle" to get you to and from The Station Inn. Uber and Lyft are also options, since parking near The Station Inn is scarce and expensive.

Housing and Meals Options
Scarritt Bennett Center dorms: We have reserved on-site dorm rooms, which are available for $200 for 3 nights, or $265 for 4 nights, including all Tennessee and Nashville taxes and fees. Note: we can only guarantee an on-site room for you if you reserve it during registration. If you are new to ResoSummit, please review the detailed information here before reserving a room; there are key differences between dorms and hotel rooms (most significantly, the fact that almost all rooms are single rooms with one twin bed, and they share a bath with the adjacent room). A majority of our participants find that the convenience, price and Collegiate Gothic ambiance make an on-site room preferable; others prefer the greater amenities of a hotel. If you are attending with a partner or family member and want to reserve one of the very limited number of on-site doubles rooms, indicate that on your registration survey, and we will confirm these rooms on a first come, first served basis.

Nearby hotels: We are in the process of negotiating a group rate at a nearby hotel, but we expect it to be at a higher-than-usual rate because of the Vanderbilt and Titan football games. See the housing webpage for suggestions on hotel searches, and for updated info when we have a group rate.

Meals: You will find lots of restaurant options within walking distance of Scarritt Bennett and The Station Inn. We also offer optional on-site meals, which must be ordered in advance - we'll take orders for those in October. Prices for on-site meals and more info about meal options are here. Last year, many people opted for the convenience of on-site meals, or chose to eat some meals on-site, and others in nearby restaurants. You'll have until early October to decide what will work best for your needs.


Workshops and Event Schedule
We offer approx. 90 workshops each year, and will publish detailed workshop descriptions for 2017 in late September. We're working with our faculty on some great new topics this year, and will also bring back some classics from past years. If you haven't attended ResoSummit before, you can get a sense of our offerings by checking out last year's workshops. Similarly, you can expect to see the full event schedule in late October; here is last year's schedule to give you an idea of what "total Dobro overload" looks like.

Choosing your Playing Level
On the registration survey, you'll be asked to indicate your playing level: beginner, low-intermdiate, high-intermediate, advanced, and very advanced. Typically, those who have attended a prior Summit have a good idea what level is appropriate for them. If you haven't attended ResoSummit before, just select the level that seems most appropriate, and Betty will happy to discuss this issue with you by phone and adjust your level accordingly, if necessary. Please send an email to Betty at with your phone number if you would like to discuss this with her. Note also that many people are more advanced in some areas than others, and you can customize your schedule to reflect this.

And More:
Visit our FAQs page for tips on flying with a dobro, getting to ResoSummit from the airport, driving directions and parking info, and our audio- and video-recording policy. Questions not answered here? send Betty an email:

Quick links: FAQs | Cancellation+Refund Policy | Our Venues | Contact Us | Past-Year ResoSummit Links


Please review this cancellation & refund policy CAREFULLY before paying your deposit or fees.

ON OR BEFORE AUG. 9, registration fees and on-site lodging deposits are fully refundable minus a $50 cancellation fee.

FROM AUG. 10 THROUGH OCT. 9, registration fees are 50% refundable. On-site lodging & meals payments are refundable if we are able to reassign your room and/or meals to another participant. Otherwise, lodging & meals payments are nonrefundable.

AFTER OCT. 9, registration fees and on-site lodging and meals payments are non-refundable.

Although we reserve the right to follow the terms of this cancellation & refund policy strictly, if we are able to fill the vacancy from our wait list or reassign your room and meals to another participant, we may, in our sole discretion, elect to refund a greater portion of your deposit.

Please note that many people on our wait list need several months' advance notice in order to be able to arrange to attend. If you need to cancel, the sooner you do so, the more likely it is that we can fill your space from the wait list.




Rob Ickes

Paul Beard

Greg Booth

Billy Cardine

Andy Hall

David Hamburger

Jimmy Heffernan

Gary Hultman

Randy Kohrs

Henrich Novak

Ivan Rosenberg

Tim Scheerhorn

Sally Van Meter

Mike Witcher



Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 8pm

Jordan Tice and Horse Country (featuring Mike Witcher)

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

3rd band & schedule TBA


ResoSummit Faculty
Harambee Auditorium
(Fondren Hall)


Scarritt-Bennett Center
1008 19th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37212

The Station Inn

402 12th Ave S.  
Nashville, TN 37203

Contact Us:



mailing address
P.O. Box 682551
Franklin, TN 37068-2551

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