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Housing+Hotel Options

On-site rooms


2019 Prices

ResoSummit offers on-site rooms at Scarritt-Bennett, a beautiful former college campus, as a convenient, low-cost option for ResoSummit participants. Parking at Scarritt-Bennett is free.

Most rooms are single rooms with ONE twin-sized bed and a shared bath. Single rooms can accommodate only one person. A few double rooms are available (some with two twin beds, and some with one queen bed). double rooms details

Want an on-site room? Reserve now! We should have enough rooms for everyone who wants one, so long as you reserve your room during registration. We may not be able to add a room for you later if you do not reserve it now. Priority for double rooms is given to families and couples.

Please read the housing info carefully for details about shared bathrooms and types of rooms, since on-site rooms differ in some notable respects from hotel rooms. Be sure to read Scarritt-Bennett's no smoking and no alcohol policy before choosing an on-site room.

Room Description Scarritt-Bennett rooms are renovated dorm rooms, with a shared bathroom located between two rooms. Although room size varies, almost all S-B rooms are very small rooms with ONE TWIN BED.  Linens are provided, but please note that there is no maid service during your stay. Fresh towels/linens are available from the Front Desk in Laskey Hall. WiFi is included, but rooms do not have TVs.

Dorms have a common lounge with a TV, refrigerator, sink, etc., for your use.

Laskey Lounge Computers/WiFi

In addition to the WiFi availabe in rooms, please note that all ResoSummit participants may use the lobby/lounge area of the Laskey Building, which offers WiFi plus several computers and a printer. (Ask for the WiFi password at the Laskey Desk).  

Special Needs? The dorms do NOT have elevators. If you have any special needs (a first floor room, a handicap-accessible room, etc.), please let us know on your registration survey.

Got Friends? if you know other people who are attending ResoSummit, and would like to designate the person whose room will be adjacent to (and share a bath with) your room, we are happy to make those arrangements with Scarritt-Bennett if we have advance notice. Send us an email with this information.

Double Rooms A very limited number of doubles rooms are available. Some have two twins beds, and some have one one queen bed. Because we have very few doubles rooms, we will give priority to couples and family groups for these rooms.

Double rooms do NOT have a private bath. For that reason, we will not assign a double room to you unless you book and pay for the room adjacent to your double room, unless you identify someone who is willing to take the adjacent room. This policy is necessary to avoid having 3-4 people sharing one bathroom unless they agree to do so.

In many cases, the room adjoining a doubles room is another doubles room; in other cases, it is a single. We will try our best to assign the room configuration that best meets your needs. If you want a double room, please complete your registration survey as quickly as possible to establish your priority for room assignment, then send an email to us to let us know you are requesting a doubles room, and tell us what room configuration works best for you (room with a queen bed; room with two twin beds). We will promptly refund your housing deposit if we are unable to assign you a double room that meets your requirements.

Scarritt-Bennett room
An on-site room


In our evaluation survey for 2018, on-site lodging was rated at 4.1 (with 1=very poor, 2=poor, 3=fair, 4-good, 5-excellent).

Typical comments from past participants:

"Staying on-site was great - rooms a bit basic but totally ok." 

"I found it much more convenient than staying off campus."

I have a love/hate relationship with the rooms at S-B. I would never rent a room like them, however, the proximity makes them perfect and I wouldn't stay anywhere else."

"Lodging is adequate. Shared bathrooms are an unfortunate part of the deal."


Scarritt-Bennett Center's address:
1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212

Maps & directions

Mike Auldridge & Jimmy Heffernan walk across the Scarritt-Bennett campus
ResoSummit's home is the Scarritt-Bennett Center, located in the Vanderbilt - Music Row area of Nashville.

Scarritt-Bennett's No-Smoking & No-Alcohol Policy

Scarritt-Bennett is a non-smoking facility (even in its outdoor spaces and alkways), and has a no-alcohol policy for all of its premises.

Do not reserve an on-site room if you want a room in which smoking or alcohol is allowed. Instead, we recommend one of the hotels in walking range of Scarritt-Bennett. (Note that we will be at the Station Inn each evening, and there are many restaurants and other establishments serving alcohol within a few blocks of S-B.)


On-site room:
3 nights, $270
4 nights, $360

Rates include all state and fees.

We offer rooms for 3 and 4 nights, with check-in on Thursday, Nov. 8. If you stay 3 nights, you must check out by 10:30am Sunday, but you can stash your luggage behind the ResoSummit desk until ResoSummit ends on Sunday evening.

If you want a room beginning on Friday instead of Thursday, please let us know that by email; otherwise, bookings start on Thursday night.

The cost for a doubles room is the same as a single, but you must also book the adjacent room, unless you identify someone willing to book the adjacent room, which will result in 3-4 people using the shared bath.
>>doubles details

Staying extra days in Nashville? We can usually add additional nights (before Thursday night and after Sunday night) to your room reservation; let us know by email if you want to do that.


Hotel Options

If we can secure a reasonable group rate, we will post details here.

Looking for nearby hotels? "Vanderbilt", "Music Row" and "West End" are helpful geographic descriptives to help you find something close by. To assess the proximity of a hotel to Scarritt-Bennett, check directions on Google Maps using this address for S-B: 1008 19th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212.

If you're considering a hotel, be sure to compare parking rates as well as room rates, since some have hefty parking fees.Hotel taxes in Nashville are currently 15.25% plus a $2.50 per night city tax.



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