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Rob & Trey's latest:
The Country Blues

The Country Blues

More info here

Grammy Nomination for Rob & Trey

Before the Sun Goes Down has been nominated for Best Bluegrass Album. On seeing the list, Rob said, "Trey Hensley and I are honored to be in such good company for this Grammy nomination!"

Grammy 2016 Nomination

Rob Departs Blue Highway

“In 1994, I had the tremendous good fortune of being invited to join Blue Highway as a founding member. I can't imagine a better opportunity for a young dobro player, and Blue Highway has been a stellar creative home for me for 21 years. So it is truly with a heart full of gratitude — and more than a little sadness — that I announce my departure from the band." Read the rest of Rob's statement here

Rob Ickes' latest releases:

Before the Sun Goes Down
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
(Compass Records)

order here

Before the Sun Goes Down - Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

2016 Grammy nominee - Best Bluegrass Album

big quoteI'm sure I don't make a true 'critic' since I'm already such a fan, but this album from Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley is a wonderful piece of work. And my songwriting side is truly overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. —Merle Haggard


Three Bells
a "Trio Dobro" CD by Mike Auldridge, Jerry Douglas & Rob Ickes

Three Bells

(Rounder Records)

"Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year" - 2015 IBMA Awards

2015 Grammy nominee - Best Folk Album

buy it here


a “dobro trio” CD by Mike Auldridge, Jerry Douglas and Rob Ickes


quoteA superb, eye-opening experience.quote

Note: Registration for ResoSummit 2017 has not opened yet.
We will send out the "First Call for ResoSummit" email to everyone on the ResoSummit email list when registration opens. Sign up for our email list if interested.
Dates for ResoSummit 2017 are here.

ResoSummit 2016:
November 10-13, Nashville, TN

The 10th anniversary edition of ResoSummit is now one for the history books. See the details, including group photo, photo album, and key information, here.

ResoSummit 2016

ResoSummit 2017

November 9-12, Nashville, TN

Watch this space for details and registration information for ResoSummit 2017. Registration has not yet opened. ResoSummit sells out quickly every year, and the earliest registration opportunity goes to those on the ResoSummit email list, so make sure you are on our email list if you want to attend.

Houston Caldwell Scholarship:

If you know any young dobro players (18 or under) who are ready for "Total Dobro Overload," make sure they know about our Houston Caldwell Scholarship - we're looking for good scholarship candidates for ResoSummit 2017. This scholarship covers the registration fee for ResoSummit 2016. Housing and meal underwriting is also available.

You are eligible to apply if you will be 18 years old or younger in November 2016. Send us an email if you are interested, and we'll let you know how to apply. Or, if you know a deserving young player who should be nominated for the scholarship, send us an email and let us know. Email:


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